Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly do! Most of the products on our website can be adapted to accommodate a bespoke design (there will usually be a surcharge for personalised artwork) or if you have a product already that you wish to laser engrave we can also assist with this. Please contact us on 01656 745090 or at sales@lasersareus.com

Yes you can write your message in whichever language you choose, including the use of special characters, and your product will be engraved exactly as you have typed it into the box.

We’re really sorry that your product hasn’t arrived in one piece and we’ll do our best to try and solve the problem. The quickest and easiest way for us to help with a broken/damaged product is to see a photograph of it. Please contact us within 24 hours of your parcel arriving and send a photograph to sales@lasersareus.com and we will try our best to help.

Yes, even with a melting point of 2,623 °C Molybdenum Mo can be laser engraved

Yes, all kinds of stainless steel such as 316 and polished steel can be laser engraved. We can laser mark with silver markings or black markings

Yes, this common engineering metal can be surface marked with a silver coloured mark or it can be engraved deep with aluminium metal removed by laser engraving

Yes, we laser etch leather wallets, leather belts with initials as personalised gifts for our customers.

Yes, this common engineering plastic, often a grey / beige colour produces a dark permanent mark.

Yes, we laser profile cut this thin material to make gaskets for our medical customers.

Yes, we laser profile cut leather but it produces quite a stink !

Yes, we laser laser mark ULTEM9085 which is a black plastic used by 3D printers. This gives a bright nicely contrasting, easy to read, permanent mark